FIFA World Cup 2014 group standings in iOS app


FIFA World Cup 2014 group standings can easily be found with the official iOS app and you can browse matches by groups. You can see a screenshot on this page with group A featuring Brazil, Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon, and B including Spain, Netherlands, Chile, and Australia. The FIFA World Cup 2014 … [Read more...]

2014 Big Brother iOS app


The 2014 Big Brother iOS app has arrived with a complete overhaul to cater for the new housemates and iPhone owners can download the application on iTunes today. The latest version of Channel 5's official Big Brother app is currently 5.0. You can use the TV app with any iOS 7 or above device, … [Read more...]

World Cup 2014 schedule by PDF or app


The FIFA World Cup 2014 schedule can be seen in PDF form with both GMT and USA time, which is easily found online from both 3rd party and the official FIFA website. This allows football fans to print out a World Cup 2014 schedule thanks to a high quality PDF file. There's another option for … [Read more...]

New Cartoon HD alternative


Today, iPhone and iPad users are looking for a new Cartoon HD as an alternative to the popular free movie and cartoons app. Following the message from those behind the Cartoon HD app about the service being closed, you can access but without much success thanks to there only … [Read more...]

Cartoon HD confirmed closed


The Cartoon HD app has been confirmed closed, although users are left wondering what happened to the Cartoon HD app and why it was taken down? The news came thanks to a tweet on the gappcenter account saying, "Sorry! Cartoon HD is closed". You can see the mentioen tweet below that offers no real … [Read more...]

Cartoon HD crashing in iOS app, back up soon?


The Cartoon HD app is crashing on our iPhone 5, which could be a sign that the iOS version is getting ready to come back up and working again. Another signal pointing to this possibility is the fact that is now back up online with a message stating, "An error occurred", then … [Read more...]

Phim Kenh HD after Cartoon app taken down


Today, we took a look at the Gapp Center history on Internet Archive after it was taken down with the Cartoon HD app within the last 24 hours. The name Pham Liem was tied to the Cartoon HD app for iPhone, as the iOS iTunes developer for this particular app when it was live on the Apple … [Read more...]

How to fix Cartoon HD app on iPad, iOS


If you want to know how to get the Cartoon HD app to work on an iPad or even other iOS devices like the iPhone, then it really is pretty simple thanks to just changing the date of your iOS 7 settings. We heard about this fix after seeing people ask is the Cartoon HD app down? Once we confirmed the … [Read more...]

Cartoon HD app down with gappcenter


If you've been asking is the Cartoon HD app and down, then the quick answer is yes following some sort of crackdown on the biggest websites and apps sharing videos for free. Those that used the likes of Gapp Center must have known one day it will be taken down, especially following … [Read more...]

Live World Cup 2014 iOS streaming for Sky, BBC, ITV


The ability to find live World Cup 2014 streaming has got much easier thanks to iOS apps including video coverage from the likes of Sky, BBC, and ITV. The iPhone app for Sky Go just got an update within the app itself, without the need for a new version to download, and this includes a new channel … [Read more...]

Clear Snapchat feed for iOS 7.0.2


The ability to clear your Snapchat feed in iOS has changed dramatically since the new update on iPhone and hunting for a button to do just this has upset a lot of iPhone Rumors readers. You won't need to look far to see "Bring it back" campaigns after users complain about Snapchat's missing "clear … [Read more...]

Tinder app not working in iOS


The Tinder app is not working for a number of iOS users running the dating application on an iPhone or iPad. The problems range from all matches being lost to issues with getting notifications correctly, so these users are asking for a fix in the next update. Tinder's iOS app last received an … [Read more...]

Cartoon HD app for iOS


You can download the Cartoon HD app for iOS still, but not on the official App Store. The latest version is 2.2 and can be found via, although if you are still unsure if this Cartoon HD app is safe for your iPhone or iPad, then you should have a read of feedback being left at the … [Read more...]

Nike+ Move app sees release on App Store


You can now find the Nike+ Move app on the App Store after a longer release wait than some expected, which comes after the fitness application showcased during the iPhone 5S launch. The Apple and Nike partnership should allow users to turn their iOS devices into all-day activity trackers, and as … [Read more...]

Frostbite Go and iOS 7 to deliver amazing game titles

Frostbite Go and iOS 7 to deliver amazing game titles

Gaming on the iPhone is about to get a whole lot better thanks to some recent news from DICE, as it has been announced that there is to be a new mobile engine called Frostbite Go. While we are uncertain as to its release date, we do know that it will help to make gaming on iOS 7 even … [Read more...]